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"… and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end."

Here’s to book seven. Here’s to the years of anticipation before it and the years of discussion in its wake. Here’s to the boy who lived and how he changed everything.

And here’s to you, if you know that “the very end” isn’t happening anytime soon.

We are book eight.

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David Bowie

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apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad f**k” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

This is the best.

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Welcome to the classic rock fandom.

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david bowie is the goal. i dont care in which sense, whatever you’re doing, david bowie is the best ultimate outcome

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If a wizard watched Doctor Who and the Weeping Angels became their worst fear then they came across a Boggart and it changed into an Angel, and since whatever takes the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel, would that bring Angels into existence in the Harry Potter universe?

I apologize for nothing

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David Bowie not liking fresh cookies in 1976.

Excuse you the screencap does not do this justice.


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as the next season of doctor who approaches its time for me to wrestle with the question

does my faith in peter capaldi outweigh my distrust of steven moffat

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